Hallingmo, Gol

Open competition 2011 on the development of the Hallingmo area in Gol
Status – 1st. prize, work starts autumn 2011
Size - about 18 000m2 library, about 37,500 commercial areas
Location - Hallingmo in Gol, Norway
Client - Gol municipality
Cooperation - Esbensen Consulting Engineers A / S

Hallingmo was developed in the 1960s as an innovative knowledge, sports and cultural center. The area has since then been partially upgraded, but now appears to be relatively run-down and not adapted to current or future needs. The competition highlighted how Hallingmo as a whole can be developed and how new features can be accommodated on the site.

The project connects the Hallingmo area with the rest of Gol, and makes Hallingmo a natural extension and a positive complement to Gol. The entrance to Hallingmo is through a new social meeting place, the Festival Square, which is Gols new focal point for both everyday and special occasions. By organizing the existing school buildings and new buildings with sport and culture in a compact way around the Festival Square and along an activity band, arranged for a good coexistence between the different users in the different buildings. The new buildings are positioned so that the natural and beautiful landscape that exists in the area is ​​preserved to the greatest extent possible.