Jøssingfjord museum - Bergkrystallen

Competition 2011
Status - Not awarded
Size - 2000 m2
Location - Jøssingfjord
Consultants - Florian Kosche AS, Norsam AS


The new museum in jossingfjord is large compared with the buildings already on site.

The project Bergkrystallen solves this by creating a sensitive dialog between old and new. The main part of the building is partly underground, leaving only a small balanced part above. This part creates a dialog with the surrounding houses, as a fragile icon in the majestic landscape, directing itself towards the sea.

The part that lies underground gives the visitor the sensation of moving into the ground. This helps to reinforce the history the center is intended to tell. Light shafts create intimate and controlled light conditions for the exhibition space. The light shafts are precisely directed towards characteristic mountaintops surrounding the valley, and thus connect the exhibition space to the spectacular nature around.